The Hidden Gem of Nymphenburg Palace

I found an apple tree on the outskirts of Munich in a town called Laim, near a palace called Nymphenburg.


The castle was closed because it was past 4 on a Sunday so we had to appreciate it from a distance: thus caress the carved stone staircase, strip the Rococo 17th century façade with our eyes, exploit the open bathrooms due to bladder inadequacies because God knows public urination is frowned upon and probably more so in Germany (“Den Kinder ein Vorbild!”).


We also explored the gardens, wound up exiting the main grounds and coming about a field of apple trees.


Five or so trees were in a field close to the castle lake, which means the land was strewn with a lovely layer of duck excretion. Thus the apples were ‘unessbar,’ at least in regards to my standards of never eating anything that has touched countless shoe soles and animal shit.

IMG_7680IMG_7684 (1)

Luckily, my friend suffers from being extremely tall (yes, we all know that is frowned upon by society and seen as completely unattractive).That is how I obtained and later stuffed seven seemingly leprosy-infected (but oddly delicious) apples into my unnecessarily huge backpack. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I got a weeks-worth storage of vitamin C for free. Props to anyone brave and courageous enough to find these trees during a cultural outing near Munich and feel accomplished.




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